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Koh Chang Beaches Thailand

Koh Chang has some of the finest beaches in Thailand. Possibly because of its location, around 300 Kilometers from Bangkok, with fewer easy options to get there, the island has not, as yet, suffered from mass tourism. Integral to the development of Koh Chang is the recognition that this is in the center of a Marine National Park and as such should be protected from growth for the wrong reasons.

The beaches and the crystal clear waters of the Gulf of Thailand are the attractions on Koh Chang, and there are some very fine beaches around the island with the west coast being the most developed.. Some are long expanses of white sand, others are relatively small bays.

Koh Chang Beach

West Coast

The most commercial beach on the island is at Had Sai Khao, otherwise known as White Sand Beach. Here there are far more hotels, bars and restaurants, so there are also more visitors. It remains a beautiful sandy expanse of sand and blue water. For those who are concerned that Koh Chang may be a bit quiet, then this is the place to be. The beach is on the west coast, to the north of the island, quite near the Ao Sapparos Pier. Had Sai Khao stretches a long way south before the headland of Laem Chat Chet.

Heading south along the coast, the next major tourist spot is at Klong Phrao - another tree lined beach straight out of the holiday brochures. It has become one of the more developed places with resorts springing up amongst the coconut trees. Itís also the home to the most expensive resorts on the island, perhaps a testimony to the quality of the surrounding area.

On the west coast the last of the bigger beaches is at Kai Bei. There is a good mix of resort here and you will find peace and quiet along with a few services such as dive shops, small supermakets and restaurants. As an example of how tourism can help to bring extra benefits to local people, this kind of west coast development is probably welcomed by the majority on the island. From Kai Bei it becomes very quiet and the name given to one stretch of sand at Bai Lan ( Nam Beach) is Lonely Beach. There is not a lot there, so if you like a very quiet, simple life away from the crowds, then this may be just the place

South Coast

The less accessible south coast has the advantage of greater isolation but also fewer amenities. The main beach is Ban Boa where there are some of the more exclusive properties alongside those that were probably here for the backpacker maket before the resort developers moved in. It is still active as a fishing village which is part of the attraction. The road finishes here, although work to complete the ring road, allowing a run through to the eastern side, is in progress. The area around here is quite mountainous, with the access to Ban Boa needing some expertise on the hilly, steep road.

East Coast

The eastern side of the island, facing the mainland, is fairly well undeveloped in terms of established beach resorts. There are the municipal offices at Ban Khlong Nosi, along with police station and schools, so this side of the island could be regarded as of less interest to the tourist